coleim5fangirl asked:

Can I have a ship?I'm 16,I think I'm 5'6; with brown eyes and curly brown hair.I love music,travelling and writing.I really enjoy doing new things. Thanks!

I'm not heartless Answer:


Hey, chica, sorry for answering this so late. I really hope you see this lol

I shep ya weth Cohl becos he obviousleh lahvs musec, and he has a realleh loike, outgoeng and spontahneous personaliteh. Therefar he’s probableh goeng ta loike travulleng and sach bot oh em gah don’t ferget thaht he doesn’t loike earleh floights. So eff yar goeng to travul earleh, don’t do et bc he hats them. 

Bot actualleh ef he’s crankeh then he cahn lean hes head on yar shouldar en the plahne and et would be pretteh cayute ;)


Lahv so mach,


PS: All gef creds are far tha ownar.